Friday, 22 October 2010

Scrapin, pictures and gaming

My Big Sis came over today for some scrappin no that we did lots but I love getting together. I think I scrap better at night as there are far less interruptions. However I wasn't feeling very scrappy today weird I know. So I scrounged around and found an old kit that I can do. I am good at kits but I am a bit sucky on coming up with stuff on my own at the moment. I am hoping this will change soon.

When Big Sis/ Aunty came over today we took loads of pics well I took loads on her camera. LOL I will post some after this post. We had lost of fun. Then Papa D came for a visit and he got in on the pics. Thanks for visiting us guys!

Upon seeing the new Fallout New Vegas game in a catalogue a few days ago I have got back into playing Fallout 3 it is the only PS3 game that I play and I love it! I would love the expansion packs maybe I will get one for my birthday.

Today I had fun with the boys watching Daddy mow the lawn and Aiden had a blast helping Daddy wash the camper trailer and charge the battery of our other car (which we are trying to sell) and then he proceeded to play in the gutter with all the water, dirt and leaves. He was so dirty when he came in we put him straight in the bath. He love it, and I love him.

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