Sunday, 17 February 2008

He Came He Came!

Ok just a quick post as I am really tired and sore so I am going to go to bed... but I had to let you all know that our little man came!

Aiden Cooper Gaffney was born 10.42am on 15th Feb 2008 weighing 6Ib 4 and 52cm in length. Here he is just minutes after he was born. We arrived home from hospital today.

All went well and I had him with no drugs! Yay for me.

I will be back to fill you in as I hope to be up to it in a couples of days

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

2 Days over due.

Our Little Man is still not ready to come yet... Go figure... to much like his Dad I say :) laid back and easy going :) Not that it is a bad thing after he is born.

We had a close call last week. It was Wednesday morning early like 1.30am when I woke up with all belly pain that was just increadible. I got up went to the loo thought I might have been holding on to long but it never went away. Hubby was at work and doesn't usually get home till about 2.30am but for some reason left early and walk in the door at about 1.45am he saw me leaning against the kitchen bench rocking and I looked at him and said "I think it is happening". I calmly said I think you sould take a shower and I will go lie down till your done... well he was jining about and in the end as the contractions where getting stronger I called out to him and said you need to have that shower now... once I said that he went into panic mode :) as men do. Anyway called Mum but no anwser (couldn't hear the phone through her deep sleep) so called my Sister instead to just double check that I was in labour... and I was... then Mum called and got all excited and told me to go stright to the hospital because they where only minutes apart. So we jumped in the car (yes all my stuff has been in the car for weeks. We even have the baby seat in there all ready to go!) and away DH spead to the hospital...

I did call the hospital to tell them that I was coming as my DH was speeding down the highway like a bat out of hell! (I had to tell him to slow down and relax and that everything was ok and that we would get there in good time). When I got there a lovely midwife was there and she examed me and while I was in labour but I was only 1cm dialated so she then gave me some pain killers and something to help me sleep and sent us home... when we got home I was still contracting but managed to go to sleep. However much to my devisatation when I woke up hours later the contracts had stopped and I haven't had anything since! oh I did fail to mention that by this stage I still hadn't had a show or my waters break... I have now had a show but still no waters breaking... what can you do... we have done everything from castor oil to sex and everything in between. He is just not coming till he is ready.

So now we wait. We do have an appointment at the hospital next Tuesday the 19th but I hope not to make that appointment... and if I do I hope that they can help the labour along a little...

Anyways I have been doing some work but not as much as I would like haven't been in a scrappin mood till today so here is some work that I have done.

This is a Layout of my Mumma and Step Dad at my Mumma's birthday party last year. I just really love these photos of them so I decided to scrap them as you do :)

This is a Layout I did of My Big Sis, Ms Zane as some of you may now her as, holding me just days old. I was a little stuck for a Layout plan so I got this map from PageMaps an awesome website that I occationally go to when I am a little stuck. Anyway this one is for my Big Sis who is overseas having a blast and working hard who can't give me hugs like only a Big Sis can. So this is for you Saney miss you heaps but love you more.

P.S I did forget to tell you that I won a prize for my card I did for the Stamp Shak Jan Card Challenge how cool is that! I have never won anything for my work. It was an awesome prize to. I got 3 sheets of A4 cardstock, a Pritt glue stick, Double sided tape, nice ribbon and a pack of nice love embellishments. Thanks to The Stamp Shak for the awesome prize and the change to win it.

Friday, 1 February 2008

1 Week and 2 Days

Well we only have 1 week and 2 days till D-day and everyday seems to get longer :) but what can you do... Trust me we have done almost everything... Our little man is not coming until he is ready which is not all bad :) Though I fear this could be a lifetime personality trait :)

Anyway I have committed to a challenge from Scrapchat to blog everyday and leave at least one comment on someone elses blog... So while I don't think that I will be very good at this challenge I am going to give it my best shot. I hope that I am exempt for the time that I am in hospital with bubs :)

Anyway here is some more work that I have completed since my last blog...

This card was made as part of The Stamp Shacks January Card Challenge where we had to scraplift from a card map.

This LO was part of the The Stamp Shack's January LO Challenge where we had to scrap our fave. beach. This is Happy Valley in Caloundra... and is one of my fave. beaches.

The Stamp Shack is also posting weekly challenges or insperations to give us some ideas for new LO's. This is my week 1- where the challenges was to use word strips. I have never done this before but let me tell you I will be doing it again :) This is a LO about my growing belly... as you can see.

I would be doing some more scrapping tonight but our printer is out of ink and I used my last piece of photo paper discovering that out :) oh well hopefully DH can take me down tomorrow and we can get some new ink and photo paper.

Oh one more thing before I go... my baby Sister's fience' landed in the country today... she has been so excited all week. It is so great to see her happy particularly after lossing her puppy Bear.

Well I will love you and leave you until tomorrow... Sweet dreams, happy days and God bless.

xx Mandy