Thursday, 5 February 2009

Starting once again

OK so it has been too long since I lasted blogged, and so much has happened I couldn't possibly touch on everything so I am going to start from now. OK so I will fill you in on just the major things that have happened.

OK Hubby and I sold our house in Brisbane and have made the move to the ever sunny Sunshine Coast about 1 1/2hr north of Brisbane for those of you who don't know. We absolutely love it up here! We didn't buy another house again we are renting at the moment as Hubby has gone back to school to re-skill himself.

We bought a camper trailer (totally love it) and went up north as far as Bowen. Hubby wanted to keep going but I know him... once we got to Cairns he would have been lets go to the Cape and then to the NT etc you get my drift.... I was trying to save some money (which didn't work :( )

My Baby sister finally got married... 4th Oct 08 and moved to Canada about 4 days after the wedding. It was a bitter sweet few days. I miss her a lot but i know that she is being looked after and we frequently email, text, call with occasional video call thrown in too. So I get to "see" her still.

Christmas great. It was Aiden's first. I didn't get many pictures because I was to busy in the kitchen so I am very bummed about that! But what do you do... (Take more next time) though I did manage to get some video...

Aiden is walking... well pretty much walking... give him a few more weeks and he will be running.

Aiden also got is first tooth a couple of weeks ago. It is now a little white slither on his gum. Not that he lets you see.

My other little Sister is having her 3rd Bubba. Due in July I think... I'll have to double check that.

Well that is all the big stuff oh wait no it's not... Hubby started at TAFE on Monday. He is doing his Yr 12 cert. So he can do further study.

OK well I am now a full time Stay at home mum... (hubby has been home with us for the last 6months) I am not sure I am going to go... I mean I know that I will manage etc. But it for the last 6 months I have been able to say I have had enough you can do it to hubby... I know a little spoilt. And yes I have been sulking. Though I am confident that in a couple of weeks (hopefully) I will be fine Aiden and I will be in a routine and everything will be fine... well that is what I keep telling myself.

Well I had a really great day yesterday. I have made a new friend, Kimberly, through Church and we get on great. Well it was Kimberly's birthday yesterday so a small group of us got together and scrapped. I was there all day. Aiden came too and he was just a Gem! I came home feeling really good and excited etc... a welcomed mood by my dear Hubby considering I was crying my eyes out in the morning. I really do have the best Husband... A fact that I have to remind myself of and stop being so spoilt. ^_^

I would like to upload some new pics however they are all on the other computer, which I would have been using however the Internet connection (wireless) is just awful at the moment it drops out all the time... it has been driving DHubby crazy!

So when he gets home I will get him to change the settings once again and hope that it will work... so I can upload some pics.

Well I am going to love you and leave you my tummy is crawling and I have to make some calls.