Saturday, 28 March 2009


Ok so much has happened that I am just going to basically bullet point them. So here goes.


·    Aiden got his 3rd tooth this week. He got sick on Saturday night and was really sick on Sunday even had a temp. of 38.8 degrees so that was a trip to the ER. Only to be told keep up the panadol and if he is worse in a couple of day bring him back… he didn’t get worse he got a tooth on Tuesday.

·    Aiden has started making new language sounds. They are so cute I have to and record them. It actually sounds like he is speaking a different language.

·    Yesterday morning he started biting down on his toast and ripping it so that the piece in his mouth wasn’t so big. He is growing and learning so fast.

·    Aiden has a new interest in books. He starting to realize that books have pictures and words too. We are not pausing long to look yet but we are occasionally noticing that there is something on the page we are turning instead of just turning the pages.

·    Aiden is climbing onto everything. As soon as he realizes that he can climb on it that’s it he is forever climbing on it.

·    Aiden is getting good at understanding words such as:

o   Bath: he will even go to the bath as soon as the word is mentioned

o   Shut: he knows what this means but is reluctant half the time to obey

o   Shoes

o   Sit

o   Stand

o   Open

·    Aiden is lifting his legs up so that we can put is pants on. He will even lift his feet so I can put his shoes on.

·    Michael is doing really well at TAFE. He is boarding on a Credit and Honors. I am very pleased with how well he is doing and the confidence it is given him.

·    We finally moved into our own place. All the boxes are unpacked bar 3, 2 of which are my scrapbooking stuff… I am waiting to get my desk back, which currently has the computer on it as the TV is on our computer desk. When we get enough money we will buy a new/newer entertainment unit as our old one won’t fit in this unit.

·    I am settling in really well with my new job. I really love it. Michael thinks it is because I am out of the house and out of my role as “Mum” that’s why I love it and he is probably right for the most part but I do like the people that I work with and the job it self. As for what I do, well I receipt all the money that students have to pay for excursions, camps, extra curricular activities, sports etc. I also help the other Admin staff member/receptionist and the schools Business Manager. I work 3 days a week from 8.30 to 3.30 Mondays and Wednesday and 8.30 to 3.00 Thursdays. Work is only about 1km away so I walk except when it is raining.

·    I went shopping on Thursday night to get myself a pair of pants for work and walked out with gray pants, a navy cord skirt, a light blue button up collard shirt, a jade ¾ sleeved shirt with a beautiful detailed round neck line, a jade knit vest, and a black knit vest. This time I got fitted properly and have cloths that fit. Michael said that I look big in some of the things that I tired on but I reminded him that I am big and I didn’t get those itemsJ I know that he loves me and just want me to feel good about myself.

·    I have my first Relief Society Scrapbooking class on this Tuesday coming. I hope that the sisters like it. At this stage I only have 5 coming. I am looking forward to it, though I do wish that more sisters would come.

·    Kimberly and I finally did our Visiting Teaching this month. Well for one sister anyway. We will visit with one of the other sisters on Sunday.

·    Mumma is in the Caribbean at the moment with Kisane on her cruises (2x 1 week cruises) I am so jealous. After she is finished the cruises she is going to Seattle to see Terry’s sister and husband and then to Canada to see Brie and Marc for a few days. All in all she will be away for 4 weeks. I miss her heaps and heaps I can’t wait till she gets back.

·    Kisane will finish her contact with this ship when Mumma and Terry go to Seattle so Kisane is going to Canada to see Brie and Marc for a few weeks then she is off to SA (South Africa) to be with Jerome for a few weeks. Finally get home about the beginning of May. She is not stopping long though, she will only be here a month and then she will be off again to a new ship with a new contract. I can’t wait to see her.

·    Last night Michael, Aiden and Me went to Steve (our cousin) and Chelsea’s engagement party. It was to go out. I had a great time catching up. It was sort lived though as Aiden was too much of a handful by the end. So we had to leave early really early which I was bummed about. But what do you do.


Well I think that is about it for the moment I have to go and entertain Aiden for awhile… he is really over tired and cranky but won’t go to sleep so hopefully he will go to bed early tonight.




Sunday, 22 March 2009


Well it has been event month. We have been lucky enough to move into your own place. We have been very grateful for Lisa sharing her home with us. It is nice to have our own space. Aiden has his own room will all his toys etc. He is really liking it I think. I think he is still getting used it though. 

I have also been fortunate to get a job. I work for Caloundra State Primary School in the admin. I am so great to have this job as it is very hard to get into the school system. It is only a contract till the end of the simester. I am hoping and praying that it will become a more perminate. It is 3 days a week and it is only about 1km from our new place. So that means that Aiden is in daycare. I stuggled with this for a while feeling guilty but I think that working has actually made me a better mum, because I appreicate the time that I have with him much more. 

Aiden is doing great at daycare after he gets over the fact that we have left him there. His teacher says that he fine about 5mins after Michael drops him off and that he has a great time. I am just glad that I don't drop him off. 

Aiden has been really sick for the last 24hrs. At first I thought it might be teething and there is a part of me that still does but when his temp reached 38.6 at home I freacked out dropped in a bath of cool water and when his temp didn't go down. Michael and I drove around for about an hour trying to find a Dr open when we didn't fine one we took him to emergency. The doctor there took his temp and it was 38.8 he said that it probably a viral infection and advised that we keep up the panadol and if in 3 days he is not getting better take him back. I hope and pray that he starts getting better really soon.