Saturday, 26 December 2009

Christmas Day 2009

Aiden getting stuck into his present from Nana Rain and Pappa

Aiden with his new Digger from Nanna D

Aiden opening his present from Mummy and Daddy

Look somewhere I can drive my digger on the street :)

Checking himself out on Nanna D's Camera


Well we decided that we would get away for Christmas. No hustle and bustle etc. We booked and paid for Noosa North Shore borrowed my Dad's truck pack up even had family coming to stay too, But when we get there it is so hot and humid that we only lasted 3 days and 2 nights out of the 7 days and 6 nights that we where supposed too. To make matters worse we had a rat eat a whole in our pantry and eat our food and a hole in our camper trailer cover. NOT HAPPY JAN. Anyway we are now home and here are what few photos I did take.

Aiden Playing Cars on Daddy's Chair Table

Aiden in his new car towel from Nana D after a swim
Our camp setup
Aiden driving "Pappa's Car"

The Herman in action

Trip to the Ginger Factory

This year we took Aiden to the Ginger Factory to see Santa's Secret Workshop. We had a really nice time. Nana D came with us. Aiden and Daddy went on the train ride which Aiden just loved. Here are some pics.

Aiden chilling on the way to the Ginger Factory eating ironically gingerbread that we made.
Aiden on a Digger (yes wherever we go we manage to find a digger, car etc to ride on)

Aiden with Daddy on the Train after there ride
Aiden and Nana D with the Buderim Ginger Man

Daddy and Aiden With the Gingerbread Man