Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Getting back on track

Boy how time flies... Well there is to much to catch up on so I will start from what has been happening lately.

Well Aiden is almost 4 1/2 months old now... I know I can barely believe it myself. He is getting cuter by the day. He is now eating solids as well as his formula which he really enjoys. He is also sleeping through the night now... awake more during the day but I don't mind because he sleeps through the night. He sleeps from about 8 at night till anywhere between 5-7am which is awesome! I just have to go to bed soon after he does, I don't know where that time goes or that I do anything productive but I think it is my veg out time where I watch a bit of telly or doing a bit of scrappin. Aiden is smiling and laughing all the time now. He is just a bundle of smiles... you only have to look at him and pull a funny face and he breaks out in an all encompassing smile... I am still trying to catch in on film or in a picture hopefully one day soon he will keep it long enough for me to take a snap shot. He is trying to sit up by himself now we have to watch out as he is starting to pull himself up and fall forward/ sideways. Just yesterday he was proped up on the bed as we where putting the washing away and he pulled himself up to sit up and fell forward and nearly fell of the bed. Gave me the fright of my life... mental note to self keep away far away from edges... Anyway he loves books I have baby cloth books that he just loves and tries to eat all the time. Whenever Hubby or I are reading and he is on our lap he thinks it is great and tries grab the pages and trun them or crumple them or eat them. He is growing up so fast.

Anyway things have been made houes here as we have been preparing to put out house on the market. Hubby has been busy painting and doing general maintainence around the house. Isn't alway the way that you get your house just nice only to sell it. Oh well such is life. Well the house is on the market so all we have to do is wait and pray that someone wants it and at the price we want to sell it at. We have decided to sell as Hubby want to get out of night work which he has been in for the last 10 years and start a career. He has decided that teaching is his chosen vocation and so that means that we are heading back to UNI. Which unfortunately means that we can't keep the house. Though on the bright side we have decided to move up to the sunshine coast where Hubby's Sister and Son live and where my Mum and Step Dad live. We can't wait to move up there. We love it up there. Fortunately Mum has a granny flat underneath her house that we will be renting, and my Sister in law only lives about 2mins up the road from my Mum how cool is that!!!! We are very excited about the move. This means many hard but great changes for a better future.

In other news my Baby Sister is getting married in october and I am so excited for her. Though sadly she will be moving to Canada as that is where her fieance` is from. But more then anything I am so glad that she is happy and they will have a wonderful life together. We are currently facing issues with find bridesmaid dresses... who would have thought that it would be so hard but it is... and they are all so expensive oh well we will continue our search.

Well I have to got and get dinner organised but I shall leave you with some pics.

A rare pic of me but more importantly one of Aiden smiling.

These are some of the pics that Sara Pearcy took of Aiden when he was 3 wks old my how much he has grown.

And this is my most recent pic taken only last week look at him now such a porky boy xxxx

And finally here are some pics of my Baby Sis and her future Hubby. These where taken By Deep Grey owned by our cousin and her Hubby for there engagement photos and there wedding invites. I just love these ones!!!!