Friday, 15 October 2010

Mangos, Watermelon, Lost Wallet and Middle Ear Infection

Today I had my first mango of the seasons and it was good as it remembered it! I love mangos! Logan thus had his first mango too, as he was the only one up with me at the time. I think he loved it, well he didn't spit it out so that is a plus. I also had some watermelon after my chicken salad and it was AWESOME! I love this time of year!

I thought I lost my wallet today. Well actually yesterday but only noticed today we looked everywhere even called the McDonalds we went to yesterday, that was the last place we where yesterday and couldn't find it anywhere. Michael and i prayed and had one more look but still couldn't find it. So I cancelled my bank cards only in the hope that some kind hearted person would find it and either take to the police station or send it to me. This afternoon when Michael left to run an errand, guess what he found, my wallet in the map compartment of our dashboard. Mind you we looked 3 times in the car but didn't look there. So Heavenly Father really does hear prayers and answers them. Cause I couldn't afford to replace all the cards that where inside.

Well Logan has a Middle Ear infection yet again. They are talking grommets. But that is a ways off cause we are in the public system and the waiting list is rather large but we don't need them at this stage. So we are on antibiotics again. I am so blessed that he is just a happy soul!

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